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In-House Event Form

Event Planning Policy


The policy for scheduling a date on the church’s calendar for your ministry event is as follows: 


Every year the event committee sets an annual calendar of events for the ministry. New calendar dates must be approved by the Event Committee before being added to the calendar of events. All events will require a ministry team leader to complete and submit an Event Request Form to the Church administration office. You will receive notification of approval or denial via email or telephone within 48-72 hours for a small-scale event, 1 week for a mid-scale event and 2 weeks for a large-scale event from the date of submission. 


Upon final approval for your event, if changes are required, please send an email to the administration office to request the changes. Please indicate in the subject line of your email “Event Revision Request”. Event changes will be reviewed and a response will be provided in writing within 48 hours. The decision will be based on the impact of the change, availability of location and staff, budget constraints, etc. 


If an event is canceled, please notify the Event Committee immediately by sending a cancellation notice to the administration office’s email. A new Event Request Form must be submitted for approval if a request is made to reschedule an event after cancellation. 


Events, programs, meetings, etc. scheduled outside of the regular calendar dates must not overlap or interfere with scheduled events, programs, meetings, etc. Unscheduled meetings or events will be reviewed and prioritized when conflicted with previously scheduled events.

In-House Event Request Form

In an effort to provide efficient communication regarding your upcoming event, please complete all necessary spaces and return this form to the administration office by email. Please email your request to: Please return the form within the following time-frames prior to your event date: 

  • 30 days prior to a Small-Scale Event – an event that accommodates up to 30 people 

  • 90 days prior to a Mid-Scale Event – an event that accommodates 31-75 people 

  • 6 months prior to a Large-Scale Event* – an event that accommodates 76-250 people (maximum capacity) 

*All large-scale events and/or events requiring more than $350 in church funding will require Pastor Jordan's approval.

Once the completed request is received, a member of the Administration Office will contact you regarding the status of your request. 

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