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​​You have many options when you decide to give to The Advancing Church. Understand that any area you choose to support will positively impact lives throughout the St. Louis metro area and beyond. THANK YOU! 



Multiple ways to donate!

There are many ways to give financially to The Advancing Church. We accept all forms of currency including all major credit cards. We have the following areas that you can target your gift giving: Tithe, Offering, Pastor Love Offering, General Gift, Youth Ministry, Capital Campaign, Christmas Giveaway, Back to School program and many others. Please see below for more details about methods of giving.



Your Talent is Needed Here!

We know that God has blessed all of us with incredible talents. The talent(s) that you posses are vary valuable assets to our congregation. If you are looking to donate your talent to The Advancing Church as a blessing to us. We would like to give you the platform to develop and or sharpen that talent(s). We are always in need of creativity and special; skills set such as: legal services, choir members, musicians, dancers, actor & actress, host, trainer, bookkeeper, accountants, business managers, event planners, counselors, security, van drivers, handyman etc. If you are interested in donating your talent(s) please contact us at: to receive your membership package.  



Join the "A" TEAM

At The Advancing Church there are many ministries to be a part of as a volunteer. There are areas such as prison ministry, child care, transportation, greeters, ushers, hospitality, youth ministry, intercessor on the prayer hotline, prayer partners and many others. Please contact us at: to get more info about being a part of the "A" TEAM!



In-kind Donations & Services

Webster defines "Resources" as a stock or supply of materials, staff, or other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organization to function. The Advancing Church is always seeking the right resources to maintain and grow the church of the betterment of the community. If there are resources, contacts or relationship that you can share with us we welcome the opportunity with open arms. Please reach out to us via email at:

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How to Participate

in the Capital Campaign

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