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RAW Singles Ministry
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Real...Authentic...Whole Sessions (RAW)

The Advancing Church RAW Singles ministry is designed to enrich the lives of Single Adults of all ages, stages, and phases of life’s journey through on off-campus and virtually through creative sessions, interaction and events. The goal of RAW is to encourage, enlighten and empower Singles to grow and develop to a state of wholeness, completion and well-being in God while fully living an engaging, exciting, effective, and meaningful Spirit-filled life. RAW will challenge and inspire you to pursue the abundance of life, whether you are a young or platinum Single; have never been married, are divorced, a Single parent, or a widow(er)…there is a place for you with the RAW Singles.

STAY TUNED - RAW Singles events TBA 

Tailor Made Youth Ministry
Tailor Made Youth Ministry

Our youth ministry is a place where our youth can be themselves while learning how to grow in the spirit at the same time. The youth of day has specific challenges that previous generations didn't and we make sure they are supported mentally and spiritually. Here at The Advancing Church we believe our youth is so important that we even have a Youth Pastor! Pastor Martinez uses his anointing as a teacher and community leader to reach young people in ways most churches only dream of.

Iron Men
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The Furnace for Men

The Furnace for Men has empowering sessions that are designed to shape men and assist them in launching forward into their destinies through power packed sessions dealing with real life issues. Men in today’s society are dealing with a myriad of issues and for us to meet the challenges before us, we must intentionally seek full maturity in Christ.

Men's Ministry | "The Furnace for Men" | On the CLUBHOUSE App 

Wednesday Mornings  | 5:00am - 6am CST

Women Designed to Destiny
The Whole Woman

The Whole Woman (TWW) ministry seeks to uplift and empower women through faith filled fellowship and wisdom impartation. This women's group will truly bless the new convert as well as the mature saint with the support and spiritual guidance needed to achieve victory.

STAY TUNED - The Whole Women events TBA 

Entrepreneur Ministry
Entrepreneur Ministry

The Advancing Church does far more that hold service on Sundays. We also grow our members and our community by spreading the power on entrepreneurship. We hold an annual lunch and learn series geared towards mentoring budding entrepreneurs and promoting collaboration between seasoned business owners. In addition, we go over wealth affirmations at the end of every service.

STAY TUNED - The Entrepreneur Playbook Forum Program will continue in winter 2023. 

Ambassadors Ministry
Ambassadors Ministry

The Advancing Church Ambassadors perform a key role as an extension of the pastor to the members and visitors with greeting, great energy, direction and the love of God. As a Advancing Church Ambassador, you will have access to news, training, and support resources, and you will help Lifeline to know the needs of your church so that we can help you more effectively.

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