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Rahson Rick (R.R.) Jordan


Ministerial and business visionary, Pastor Rahson Rick  (R.R.) Jordan, founded The Advancing Church, in 2009.  It was a small beginning, in a storefront church in South Saint Louis, pastoring a small, 10-member congregation. Today The Advancing Church is a thriving ministry in the city of Saint Louis. Before founding CFC, Pastor Jordan began fulfilling the call on his life by serving the body of Christ through ministry in 2002.  Pastor Jordan's goals are simply to advance the kingdom of God. He has a heart to see the lost come to Jesus Christ.  Through love and dedication God has enabled him to empower the oppressed, marginalized, and ostracized by teaching them to operate in faith in order to see the manifestation of life more abundantly.

In addition to his ministry duties, Pastor Jordan has spent ten plus years in the not-for-profit sector working with youth and adults dealing with issues of promiscuity, substance abuse, and homelessness.  Pastor Jordan's passion for helping people assists him in seeing many social issues such as poverty, discrimination, and the disintegrating condition of the family as concerning. In efforts to address his concerns, Pastor Jordan founded the Iron Men Empowerment Group. Men meet each month for empowerment sessions designed to shape and assist men in launching forward in their destinies. These power packed sessions are a place for men to come together and deal with real life and spiritual issues. 


As the CEO of the "Well of Life" Pastor Jordan works to promote positive change in the lives of youth; more specifically inner city youth in areas that have become breeding hubs for violence and/or drugs. His goal is to provide a well of resources and positivity to those who would not otherwise receive this level of support. Through the "Well of Life" he along with faithful staff, volunteers and executive board strives to improve the self-esteem, spiritual and mental state of at-risk youth by assembling a community of positive voices and role models who will deposit rich history, culture, and experience into their lives. Pastor Jordan is a noted conference speaker and life coach with a passion to help people live fearless lives of faith to realize their full potential. 


Pastor Jordan is the father of five amazing kids and two grands. Pastor Jordan has a passion to help families navigate the complicated environment that is inherent within the blended context.

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